Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Spy Museum By Connor Smith

Over Thanksgiving break, I went to the Spy Museum in Chinatown of Washington, DC.    The museum opened to the public in 2002, and I had a great time looking around. I spent four hours looking around all the exhibits the museum has to offer, and I felt like I needed more time. When first entering, you go up a elevator and enter a room where you pick a secret identity. I was Billy Henderson, a 14 year old boy from Spain, who was on vacation in London for nine days. The next area is very cool, as you get to see many gadgets spies used and videos about different spies. Another thing I liked was all the hands on things you could to do. In other areas you can learn about George Washington spying career, and what pigeons could do as spies. The museum is most known for the James Bond exhibit. In 2012, the museum opened up “50 Years of Bond Villains”, and being a big 007 fan, I found the exhibit very neat. In the exhibit, you can watch videos on certain villains, as well as you can see certain gadgets. Javier Bardem’s costume as a police officer in the 2012 film, Skyfall can also be seen. The gift shop also has some things you might need, such as Emergency Underpants. The burger restaurant, Shake Shack sits right next door, making a great lunch spot. All in all, if you are bored and want something to do around the holiday season, I highly recommend visiting the Spy Museum.