Monday, September 5, 2011

Kids Run the Show
My Day as a Washington Nationals Junior Reporter
By Connor Smith

On Sunday, September 4, I went to the Washington Nationals game. But this wasn’t just a regular Nationals game; it was the Kids Run the Show Day and I was the junior reporter!

On Thursday, September 1, I got a call that I was selected to be the reporter for the Washington Nationals. Earlier in August the Washington Post had an application for Kids Run the Show. Kids Run the Show is a day where kids are picked to work at the game. There is a kid that throws out the first pitch, or says, “Play Ball!”, or delivers the lineup card to the umpires, or is the game announcer or, in my case, is a reporter. I filled out the application and my mom sent it to the Nationals. I couldn’t believe it when they called; I was so excited!

To prepare for game day, I wrote three questions for every Nationals player, in case I got to interview them. On Sunday, my whole family came to the game. We checked in at the media entrance and then my chaperone met my partner (who would be the Public Dress Announcer) Graham and me. First we went down on the field to see the Mets batting practice. We were able to get Tom Milone and Collin Balester’s autographs. They are pitchers for the Washington Nationals. Next the three of us went from field level all the way to the Press box where all the announcers and media members do their job. We had lunch in the Press dining area where all the media members eat, and then my chaperone and Graham dropped me off with the radio announcers Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler. They announce the game for 106.7 The Fan—my favorite radio station! I listened to them do their pre-game coverage and I met the Mets Radio announcer. Once the game started, I didn’t talk for the first two innings on air but talked with Charlie and Dave during commercial breaks. In the top of the 3rd inning I spoke on the radio for my first time ever! They asked me, “How did you get to do this?” I said “My mom and I filled out a sheet in the Washington Post and sent it to the Nationals and then they picked me.” Then Charlie Slowes asked “Did you have to write an essay or say why you think you should be here?” I said “I didn’t have to write but I did have to say why I should be the Reporter.” Then they asked, “So why do you think you should be here?” I said “I have a blog.” They laughed, looked it up and found it and then they asked some questions about the blog.

After the 3rd inning my chaperone took my down to my parents and sister. Even though the Nationals lost 6-3 I had a lot of fun going on my favorite radio station 106.7 The Fan, and meeting two big baseball guys in Charlie and Dave. I had a lot of fun at Kids Run the Show at the Nationals game!