Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catching a Puck


Me and the trainer..

Last night we went to the Caps Panthers hockey game. We went to the game early to watch the practice. Also last night, I caught a puck, it wasn't exactly during the game, but I still caught it. While we were waiting for the practice to start, One of the Capitals trainers saw me and put a puck over the glass. I didn't catch it but got the puck anyways. When the practice started I had one of the practice pucks. When Alexander Semin left, he threw a puck right above me (2 rows above.) I thought he was tring to get a puck to me, but I didn't get it.
The game was really fun and the Caps won 4-1. The players who scored for the Caps were Nickals Backstrom, Mike Knuble twice, and Jeff Shultz. Also Mike Green got a elbowing penalty and was susspended 3 games. Green also got hit and left the game with knee injury.
Also some of the Washington Nationals players were there to sign autographs.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

class plays

When I go to school (Monday through Friday.) I do different work, but right now we are practicing our class play, A Charlie Brown Valentine. I'm Narrator 5, I have 5 lines + 2 lines. I still wonder if I will forget my lines. But I for surely don't have to worry about it. This year I have already memorized my lines, memorized who's before me, and where to sitt on the risers. Those are probaly the most important things I have to know besides witch mikerophrone do I speek at. Last year was the 1rst year I had done a play, I was the Blowfish, I had 8 lines. My Grandparents even came to! It was very hot on the stage, It will probaly be the same this year to. It is hot on the stage because the lights are on so the audience can see you. This year I will not have a costume, like last year. I will where a short sleeve shirt. My teacher says to where something that little kids would where. I can't wait till my play.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Colts going to the super bowl

On Sunday the Indianapolas Colts beat the New York Jets 37-13. The Colts had a bad 1st half but the Colts stopped MArk Sanchez and the Jets offense in the 1st half. Another AFC championship for the Colts will put them in the Super bowl 44, it will only be Peyton Mannings 2nd Super bowl but he is planned to do it in 2 weeks. THe Colts will have to play the New Orleans Saints, althogh the Saints lost to the Buccaneirs, it will be a tough task #1 because the Super bowl is in Florida near New Orleans. #2 the Saints have a big offense. and #3 because the Saints are a very tough team. Those 3 reasons are why the Colts will have to play tough Vs the Saints. At school the kids in my class have been arguing over who they want to win the Super bowl, I did didn't get in this mess but I do want the Colts to win. My mom thinks the Saints should win because it is there first time going in franchise history. It is probaly the match up of the year I said anybody could win, Whoever wins played there hartest not just in the Super bowl but for the season. That is why I suggested I would go for the Colts. I can't wait till the Super bowl.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Caps Win 6th Straight!

The Washington Capitals defeated the Phoinex Coyotes 4-2 Saturday night. I went to the game with my dad. I texted something on my dads phone, but never saw it on the screen. I got there very early, and watched the practice. For surely when I got to see my seats they were awesome! We were in section 116. I thoght that the 2nd period was the best because the caps were shooting at the goal we were sitting behind. The caps scored 2 goals in the 2nd, 1 from Eric Fehr, and 1 from Alex Semin. Fehrs goal was assited by Semin, and Ovechkin. Ovechkins also had a goal with 5.3 seconds in the game Ovechkin got a pass from behind the blue line to Ovechkin and then Ovechkin walked in all alone and scored. For the Coyotes 2 goals from Lauri Korirkottski (3 and 4.) was all. The caps also had a good game from Mickal Neuverth, Neuvirth had 30 stops on 33 shots. ALexander Semin: Alexander Semin had 1 goal and a hat trick of assits. Even Alexander Semin was one of the stars of the game. The caps won there first game at home in regulation Vs the Coyetes since 1998.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I like to go Skiing. I think it is fun. I go down the blue slopes. The lift is awesome. It slows down for you then you sit on it and get the restranig bar down. It even has feet resters. Then the lift goes faster. It is a long way up but the lift never stops and I usally get to the top in 4 minutes. Even though my dad says he 'rips it', I am much faster then him. I told him I was getting bored of Velvet, and northern lights. So we were at the sidewinder and the steeper slope next to it. Soon I thoght they were boring too. We then went down the blue slope angels drop, it was very hard. I followed my dad, all the way down. I have only done two runs on the blue slopes but I have not follin down. (I have follin down once but that was stopping.) My dad said that he stops faster tham me''. SNOWBORDERS: The one thing I hate in skiing is Snowborders. They fall down and mess me up. (me and my dad agree on that.) They also sit down to rest and make no room for me and others. I love skiing.