Wednesday, January 27, 2010

class plays

When I go to school (Monday through Friday.) I do different work, but right now we are practicing our class play, A Charlie Brown Valentine. I'm Narrator 5, I have 5 lines + 2 lines. I still wonder if I will forget my lines. But I for surely don't have to worry about it. This year I have already memorized my lines, memorized who's before me, and where to sitt on the risers. Those are probaly the most important things I have to know besides witch mikerophrone do I speek at. Last year was the 1rst year I had done a play, I was the Blowfish, I had 8 lines. My Grandparents even came to! It was very hot on the stage, It will probaly be the same this year to. It is hot on the stage because the lights are on so the audience can see you. This year I will not have a costume, like last year. I will where a short sleeve shirt. My teacher says to where something that little kids would where. I can't wait till my play.

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