Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catching a Puck


Me and the trainer..

Last night we went to the Caps Panthers hockey game. We went to the game early to watch the practice. Also last night, I caught a puck, it wasn't exactly during the game, but I still caught it. While we were waiting for the practice to start, One of the Capitals trainers saw me and put a puck over the glass. I didn't catch it but got the puck anyways. When the practice started I had one of the practice pucks. When Alexander Semin left, he threw a puck right above me (2 rows above.) I thought he was tring to get a puck to me, but I didn't get it.
The game was really fun and the Caps won 4-1. The players who scored for the Caps were Nickals Backstrom, Mike Knuble twice, and Jeff Shultz. Also Mike Green got a elbowing penalty and was susspended 3 games. Green also got hit and left the game with knee injury.
Also some of the Washington Nationals players were there to sign autographs.

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  1. Hey Conner, it was great to see you again the other night when Syracuse beat Gtown! When are ya gonna enter a blog entry for our fun night?