Sunday, January 24, 2010

Caps Win 6th Straight!

The Washington Capitals defeated the Phoinex Coyotes 4-2 Saturday night. I went to the game with my dad. I texted something on my dads phone, but never saw it on the screen. I got there very early, and watched the practice. For surely when I got to see my seats they were awesome! We were in section 116. I thoght that the 2nd period was the best because the caps were shooting at the goal we were sitting behind. The caps scored 2 goals in the 2nd, 1 from Eric Fehr, and 1 from Alex Semin. Fehrs goal was assited by Semin, and Ovechkin. Ovechkins also had a goal with 5.3 seconds in the game Ovechkin got a pass from behind the blue line to Ovechkin and then Ovechkin walked in all alone and scored. For the Coyotes 2 goals from Lauri Korirkottski (3 and 4.) was all. The caps also had a good game from Mickal Neuverth, Neuvirth had 30 stops on 33 shots. ALexander Semin: Alexander Semin had 1 goal and a hat trick of assits. Even Alexander Semin was one of the stars of the game. The caps won there first game at home in regulation Vs the Coyetes since 1998.

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