Monday, January 25, 2010

Colts going to the super bowl

On Sunday the Indianapolas Colts beat the New York Jets 37-13. The Colts had a bad 1st half but the Colts stopped MArk Sanchez and the Jets offense in the 1st half. Another AFC championship for the Colts will put them in the Super bowl 44, it will only be Peyton Mannings 2nd Super bowl but he is planned to do it in 2 weeks. THe Colts will have to play the New Orleans Saints, althogh the Saints lost to the Buccaneirs, it will be a tough task #1 because the Super bowl is in Florida near New Orleans. #2 the Saints have a big offense. and #3 because the Saints are a very tough team. Those 3 reasons are why the Colts will have to play tough Vs the Saints. At school the kids in my class have been arguing over who they want to win the Super bowl, I did didn't get in this mess but I do want the Colts to win. My mom thinks the Saints should win because it is there first time going in franchise history. It is probaly the match up of the year I said anybody could win, Whoever wins played there hartest not just in the Super bowl but for the season. That is why I suggested I would go for the Colts. I can't wait till the Super bowl.

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