Saturday, January 23, 2010


I like to go Skiing. I think it is fun. I go down the blue slopes. The lift is awesome. It slows down for you then you sit on it and get the restranig bar down. It even has feet resters. Then the lift goes faster. It is a long way up but the lift never stops and I usally get to the top in 4 minutes. Even though my dad says he 'rips it', I am much faster then him. I told him I was getting bored of Velvet, and northern lights. So we were at the sidewinder and the steeper slope next to it. Soon I thoght they were boring too. We then went down the blue slope angels drop, it was very hard. I followed my dad, all the way down. I have only done two runs on the blue slopes but I have not follin down. (I have follin down once but that was stopping.) My dad said that he stops faster tham me''. SNOWBORDERS: The one thing I hate in skiing is Snowborders. They fall down and mess me up. (me and my dad agree on that.) They also sit down to rest and make no room for me and others. I love skiing.

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