Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Big East tournament

The Big East tournament starts Tuesday March 9th. All 16 teams are going to make the tournament in Madison Square Garden in New York. My Dad's friend Mr.Weber will be going too is what my dad said. For the first round The South Florida Bulls will play Depaul the winner will play Georgetown. The winner of that game will play Syracuse. Also UCONN will play St.Johns the winner will play Marquette, the winner of that game will play Villanova. The teams that get play Villanova and Syracuse will be in the quartirfinal round, the winners of the games that Syracuse and Villanova are in will get to go Semifinals. Seton Hall will play Providence in the first round the winner will play Notre Dame, the winner of that game will play Pittsburgh. Also Cincinatti will play Rutgers, the winner will play Louisville, the winner of that game will play West Virginia. The winners of the games that Pittsburg and West Virginia are in the quartifinals. They also will go to the semifinals. The winners of the semifinals will go to the Final the winner will win the Big East. I can't wait to find out who wins the Big East tournament.

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